Speaking is a means or oral communication in  the global era of information has to he iaugh anti developed by every English-language teacher in Indonesia.  Being able 10  speak English well is considered to be one or primary goals in  learning the target language Being conlicient in using  bnghsh orually not only gives personal satisfaction to tile  English learners but also be a prefereable qualification to achieve other interests or cureer goals.

The problems or learning-teaching speaking becomes more complicated due to the result of the  technique or teaching speaking has been done so for. Teacher use conventional and monotonous techniques or teaching. The teaching of speaking has been done by giving the students some sample draloques and asking themto perform the dialoqus in front of class. This way of teaching does not provide the students with a real and natural speaking situation in which they have to interact with the other people in the real world

Penulis : Nurdiniawati, M.Pd

Terbit di : Journal Pendidikan Bahasa Vol. 3 No. 1 STKIP Taman Siswa Bima

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